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tv   [untitled]    October 4, 2010 1:00am-1:29am EDT

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a presidential. run up in one of the world's fastest growing emerging countries a lot the latest from brazil. president. will be go beyond.
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the damage in d.c. . president medvedev goes on to condemn recent anti russian rhetoric from both the roots and stresses it must not affect relations between the two neighbors. and britain is becoming increasingly dissatisfied. bearing influence that's according to the freedoms just to vent on the fringe of the conservative party conference. was a rush for the twins that run to hand fighting world cup finals in the us the content was made to save it conceives sports a world wide snatch. you know you're watching r t we're broadcasting live from moscow welcome to the program
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brazil's presidential election is set for a second to round runoff well nice to win the votes counted the ruling party candidate and prepare favorite. failed to secure the fifty percent needed outright victory there in this to reports from south park. brazil is one of the only countries who has managed its way out of the financial crisis and to a growing a quick clip that other countries would envy they're expected to grow seven point five per cent this year it's the largest economy in south america the largest a second largest economy in the western hemisphere and part of the bric block of brazil russia india and china there seem to symbolize the shift in global economic power from the g seven developed nations to the developing world of which all of them are newly advanced economies that are seen as holding great potential so certainly everyone is looking to this election to see what direction the leader will take the economy people will have to wait and see because it will go to a run on he run on a dilma rousseff who was expected to carry out lula da silva is policies she is his
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anointed successor she was expected to win and i did not happen she did not lock down the votes so she'll go to a runoff with jose serra the opposition candidate and they have really different attitudes towards both the economy and foreign policy so what will happen on october thirty first in that runoff will make a difference if you talk to people in the political world who deal in diplomacy or trade or the economy they say before lula brazil had a self-confidence program problem and he was really the first leader who stepped up to the international plate and said we are a player and we are going to matter and really held court diplomatically and broker trade ties but if you talk to people at home here what brazilians what average brazilians would say his crowning achievement is is helping to narrow the vast gap between the rich and poor in this country and to get a better sense of that and what they were hoping for and vilma and his hope to be successor we've been out here in brazil reporting here's a look at what's going on. on the streets of brazil
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after eight years of this like a miracle because he's. spread pretty close to the people people lined up to decide the next chapter of their kauai hope that the female candidate a woman to make history in my country. that has summed up the loudest voice on the streets and in the polls ahead of the elections for a new head of state while many credit the outgoing one. was starting a silent revolution for the poor. head of election day was heard loud and clear they believe his hand-picked successor is the one to continue fighting for and here she is doing the rousseff lula's choice for president a little known bureaucrat his chief of staff who rose up to against the dictatorship when she was young. she promises to lead the country down the same road as her mentor get them what's changed in this last years is in the poor neighborhoods for the lower class because the other governments just pretended to
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help it's lula brazil's president that brings all of these people into the street in his name there screaming but as to whether jill not his successor would be able to continue what he started in this country when you talk to people they believe one hundred percent that she is the one what do you want with brazil is going to continue to rise though his competence has helped popularity some activists familiar with lula's politics past and present aren't convinced. i think she's going to have some difficulties because dylan doesn't have the same history lula has and in a country that was long a colony and where the years until lead the rich and elite still held the power for some in that world a dilma presidency would be. terrible for me terrible without horizons very sad and black horizons you have to have people with academic culture and not popular culture in upscale neighborhoods it's the leading opposition candidate who most closely fits that description and appears favored at those polls jose serra is
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a more conservative choice. so i use the government has been constantly role he's aligned himself with people who are democratic. hugo chavez. but in the. brazil what you don't see or hear. is the brazil that is in power you see now and the fellows this mom's were looking from and it's important for you to be able to choose the future of your country once invisible to the world now one each with more do much good. people who before had no voice may now continue writing their own songs. lauren mr r.t. paulo brazil. there without still to come this hour the legacy of k.g.b. training. believe that russian special forces use involves gone bad
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for something like that but in this sport it's just hands and feet. we explore why hand to hand fighting is not just fascinating for spectators even better for self-defense. also find out what creative but also crazy ideas have been submitted contests to find the musket so keep two thousand and fourteen olympics in a few minutes here on t.v. . the better russian president's recent anti russian rhetoric was not affect relations between the peoples of the two countries that's one of the messages in the russian president's video blog rich medvedev also stressed that after almost twenty years of close partnership recent actions from reveals ingratitude. i was extremely surprised to see the belorussian of authority is of lately taken up and he russian rhetoric with some election campaigns in belarus are
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essentially based on anti russian stories we see hysterical accusations aimed at russia of not supporting bella reuss or its economy we hear curses aimed at the russian authorities it's hard not to see that the desire to sow dissent between our two peoples is the reason for these campaigns president lukashenko is uttering is not only go beyond all diplomatic sense they're downright indecent he is obviously concerned about a lot of things bringing order to our economy russian journalists talking to belorussian opposition even what happens to some of our retired satire officials the president of the roots it seems should be looking into the interior affairs of his own country such as for instance the multiple disappearances of bell russian citizens in russia like other countries is concerned over these people's fates but of course these things should not define relations between nations or indeed individual people i'm confident of that but it was the president of the russian federation i'll put it plainly russia is ready to continue building an alliance with bella ruse let me add that our nations will always see each other as brothers
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no matter who is in office. where you can watch me where belive video blogging fall on our website at r.t. dot com as well as on our you tube channel. today. these are the images the world. should continue its relations with the. civil liberties that threaten the u.k. these are the tough questions being raised that the freedoms that today gather on the sidelines of the conservative party conference.
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birmingham place to the conservative party conference this week best first since forming a coalition government in may top of the agenda will be budget cuts and how they're going to explain them to a population already plagued by unemployment and struggling public services fringe meetings abound and where the freedoms and events which focuses on fighting the ration of civil liberties and freedom of expression in the u.k. one of those threats to liberty is what's perceived by speakers here to be the overarching bureaucracy of the european union and it's hard to imagine a better time for a group of euro skeptics to meet after a summer of relative quiet last week saw a europe wide day of action with one hundred thousand people reportedly gathered in brussels alone to protest austerity measures as a response to the european debt crisis island has edged significantly closer to default as the government announced the cost of rescuing banks was almost fifty
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billion euros that means the budget deficit will amount to thirty two percent of our national income this year ten times the e.u. and the highest among the world's developed economies it's crunch time for ireland either the next round of austerity cuts works or they'll have to go cap in hand to the i.m.f. and the e.u. just as greece but it's not just the euro that will be under discussion here members will also be agitating against what they feel is the overbearing nature of the relationship with the u.k. and how it will develop under the coalition governments there's a worry in the year a skeptic factions of the government the home secretary william hague is continuing along the path of the previous government signing up to e.u. initiatives like the european investigation order which promises to further limits the power of judiciary to protect citizens against serving time in foreign prisons big brother britain will also be high on the agenda with issues like c.c.t.v. . surveillance on the table britons are the most watched people in the world there
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are more c.c.t.v. cameras here per capita than any other country some of these people are in the single talk about a steady erosion of civil liberties which in extreme cases includes microchips in rubbish bins and covertly surveillance of families to check they have a right to a place at their local school. europe is struggling to stay in the international arena and won't be able to hold on without outside help so says french a story of course who gave an interview to r.t. that's coming your way in just over an hour's time but here's a quick preview. the entire history of international relations is moving away from europe it's played out in asia and even the u.s. . and its foreign policy on asia right now watch the current stage of european asian relations europe is of no interest to asia view europe as
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a landmass the tree choose to perceive. russia and europe are not a whole picture there is an alliance then we can say europe reaches the pacific but you know. sports conceived in the soviet union has finally gone international the hand to hand fighting finals been held in the us for the first time maybe challenging but it's also highly effective so even russian special forces are trained in it always up for a challenge artie's going at it to prepare for battle. for comedian elo louis his sham hand to hand fighting is still new. he mostly does judo and teaches thai boxing but this russian born sport takes the best elements of many fighting techniques. and when you think about it it's more real than anything else plus an
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artistic aspect to it which is you don't get to spend a lot of times on the floor which is boring. and real it is the k.g.b. use this method of fighting it's now taught to russian special forces and it's a growing sport and with this going international. a program developed by the k.g.b. to this one another try to think. i mean that's a real game unlike in mixed martial arts russian hand clan fighting has rules and limitations which newcomers are still getting used to he shot and lost the fight against an american compadres. more than enough to when i came back from you know i was down in points. but it's not so bad as long as the girls are happy the boys we like the boys and definitely when they get all sweaty and the shirts
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start coming a little bit coming six packs i was always curious what's on the mind of the hot and sweaty guy when he's on the man maybe girlz meet one of today's winners russian you go out or you can use you don't think about anything but your next move once you get distracted on your ex up to fight your down your mind has to be clear emotions. an idea which could be applied to any situation in life the president of the hand to hand fighting federation says it's not the kind of sport that's only for the sake of sport. this sport teaches how to fight right unlike mixed martial arts you just get out there and punch the other guy as hard as you can it's more about technique it may help you stand up for yourself and your loved ones if needed. did i mention he is also a lawyer in the making it's just one day he decided he was going to stand up for
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himself that russian special forces move involves gone bad for stuff like that but in this sport it's just hands and feet and it's not just fun to watch actually a lot of the moves are pretty useful for self-defense for girl like me and is going to teach me something something really simple i'm going to lay hands on you ok so you need to push for my elbow. and you come with your right. so i use my left which is my weak i hit and i come back. ok other than. fighting for our team in the state of pennsylvania. now a court in thailand is to rule whether to go ahead to the extradition of the alleged russian arms dealer of the united states who just been in the bangkok jail since march two thousand and eight. he says he hopes muttering weapons to
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a terrorist group and number. he'll score what is that tradition in the west a second set of charges filed by the u.s. has delayed any movement or today's hearing will determine if the new charges will be accepted by the court and further postpone alteration to the u.s. . let's look now at some other stories making headlines around the world this hour . militants have set fire to twenty seven oil tankers in northern pakistan killing six people in the process authorities say about a dozen attackers stormed of their record for profit this is the second such attack in the past few days it comes amid strained relations between nato and pakistan on the cross border raid that left three people who study soldiers dead. and the commonwealth games are financially underway in india with an opening ceremonies and to showcase the country's history and culture organizers hope the
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sporting showcase will go smoothly and the preparations the past few weeks have been filled with fears that facilities will not be finished on time some competitors pulled out and several teams today they're going for. fighting to be the face of a nation that more than four thousand sketches have already been submitted to russia's online contest to be the mascot for the two thousand and fourteen sochi winter olympics and he has a story. this is the epicenter of a nationwide brainstorm sorties uther picking the best good for their city's biggest sporting event says it should be two dogs supporting each other representing the olympic and paralympic games yes death can be found everywhere in version and abroad everyone knows the symbol because it's so since see in pure. the younger ones have their own vision. the handshake symbolizes that will might
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forenames and it will have to be friendly with all these entries are part of an online contest held by the olympics organizing committee anyone from professional designers to amateur artists may upload their work and have it rated by web users and even though the majority of contests done suffer russia's capital sochi is hoping to catch up to what side gallery now features all kinds of ideas from bears to squirrels to squirrels riding bears even the mayor decided to share his own personal top three if they do theme ollie's or i think it could either be a dolphin on seas or a bin because the bear is the symbol of the great russian people the bears also on skis they could be other creatures fish for instance fish on skis. on skis or without them it's likely that in the next four months we'll see some ten thousand or even more new designs but perhaps the most delicate part for russians is to
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point among them the right character the creature that will become as its mission of the beer who greeted the guests of the more school lympics and nine hundred eighty with all the bold turn to go in biological diversity it's hard to pick one single mascot for those thoughts when pigs the deadline is set for february the seventh and during a televised boating ceremony will feed which creature or plant is the walk you one that has bought ski r t sochi. and jordan have backed a palestinian refusal to continue peace talks until israel stops building settlements in the occupied territories. least is the subject of the latest cross talk to beit coming up later. the fact that people believe the jews don't belong in judea is the result of ethnic cleansing jews were ethnically cleansed from these places in one thousand forty eight when jordan then occupied these places now jordan to get didn't go and create a palestinian state fascinating that he's israeli would be there to speak about
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ethnic cleansing after what we have done in forty eight i mean really there are no limits for anything israelis think about ethnic leagues. away six of that so i wasn't but his state is to leave too then to a few arabs yeah but this is beneath them serve their own world they are totally disconnected was reality. they came only too late to be and helps the code for any settlement and they are a hell of a success they did anything possible be we do everything possible and we agree it was them we those israelis who would like would like to leave it adjusts to society into the society we are stuck was this obstacle. you.
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can see that in a couple of hours time arundhati charlotte head with a business update now and what do you got for us are sharp and i well we're still waiting for the russian markets to open on monday and as expect lots of me when in the coming week as the focus tense the naming of the new game there would have the details later in the program but first this hour russia's time to was a million so-called mass affluent people long characterize big time spend as banks are now focusing their attention on increasing the saving patterns than your local reports. posh cars fancy watches shiny jewelry sparkling wine when it comes to russia's wealthy it's hard to ignore their obvious big time spending indian business sammy qahtani make suits for moscow's well to do his flagship shop just steps away from red square has been open for seven years a milestone he's celebrating with a new line of men's wear and a rich carlton birthday bash later this month. the market has changed
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the last seven years i have not heard. the more expensive to know this not being there now the people are getting smarter and they know for what they're buying the things the mass affluent is a term used for russian citizens with available currency assets of forty two thousand dollars to four hundred twenty five thousand dollars in cash deposits in banks and invested in securities and mutual funds that category makes a zero point seven percent of the country's population the sum of their cash assets is equivalent to nine percent of russia's g.d.p. before the crisis the popular attitude in russia was to spend now a bit of a life lesson has been learned saving is becoming more common and it's not just keeping cash in bank deposits but managing investments experts say this definitely been a recovery in feeling comes into spring at the same time you know domestic demand
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has picked up somewhat however i think what's the most important change in trend over the last year and a half because of the crisis has been the increased saving stray show in fresh an individual so i think that applies to them highly affluent segment as well as you know the average consumer now more than ever demand for wealth management is making its way to russia and as the rich deposit their cash in the countries banking system they could just provide liquidity that will lead to new products and investment ah. no longer business r.t. . time no see how the markets are performing in japanese shares are trading higher on monday morning take a good many rebound you can really if time long the big again if the shares of fiji heavy industries are really cool and not so much it came through to stand on kong shares are also rising of investments not results sectors stocks on high commodity prices. and here in moscow the markets ended last week in the black trading
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positively three days in a row strong macroeconomic data and rising all price in support of the train almost all the creatures who are spared bank from rolls from that same three point five percent each both on the l.c.s. month six. now labor day news the european development sects are likely to move global markets this week while russia is waiting for a new mayor to be named and what this one with the capital is real estate peter westin chief economist at on capital group gave his forecast for the week. the u.s. the european data will be crucial so people will be looking out to the house and data and the employment data out of us in particularly in russia what they will look at is going to be news on the sort of successor. i don't think we should expect a final answer this week but we should see something coming out we probably will have a good start of this week given that we had strong manufacturing data out of china
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september was a very strong month we were up eight percent to russia and i think the u.s. this was a stronger september. one hundred thirty nine so always on the back of a strong month there's always a risk of investors taking profits. and finally one of europe's oldest businesses is enjoying a fertile period torture post d.h.l. is growing all over the world benefiting from online shopping the head of the firm frank apparel spoke to business r.t. about how such a traditional business can prosper in a digital age. we think there is a future for the classical mad business you know it's declining by volume but it's in the very important infrastructure for for and for the german country and therefore i have no doubt that it will be successful but what we have during this week at a new services in two ways one is the possible business due to the mail order boom we have from the western world which is starting now taking place as well in russia people are wanting and from a distance the groups because of
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a com get access to that and that's an interesting development possibility and russia and the second is that we transfer the quality of our product in the real world which is a confidential security letter into the internet world you know at the moment you can communicate confidentially we have a party because you know in the whole internet world and everybody can can catch hero email and read it and we will provide a service but nobody can catch me in will and it's just a provider you know just as a sender and disappear and you can read the email of the whole way it's encrypt how do you see the post operating in say twenty fifty is definitely the post will be different but the fundamental will still remain you know our product the letter has survived five hundred years i have no doubt that it will survive at least the next hundred years or maybe two hundred years because there will always be a need for paper communication even in the future you know i can imagine any situation that everything will be virtual you know that still you know there will
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be still paper on the world a sizable scale so therefore there will be still the the old classical part of physical mail delivery but it will be added by a lot more volume and possibles and i can imagine that good scan be beans your log in the you know you know enterprise order or call that you know be space enterprise or space ship enterprise you know that will not happen. in at least in our in our lifetime that people are able to send goods from b. internet so therefore there would be a huge increase in volumes in that dimension. and i shop day for you can always find more stories on our website artie dot com slash business.
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showbiz it's the. absence of trade in prison the high production. graphics. says this is the way it's.


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